Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Eat Living Foods
I have recently been taking a challenging course here in So. California on how to eat better.
Woe, I guess it's not rocket science but leaping over the line to the other side can be difficult for the mind until:
1. the emotional attachments are unhooked and
2. the old training is replaced by embracing new truths.
I have been on ajourney toward what I thought ws health.
I now understand this to be a lesson in breaking bad habits and realizing the idea of eating living foods is older than the cooked food trends of our day.
Check out the Book of Genesis," God created every seed bearing plant and every fruit bearing tree to be our food."
Where was the Mc Donald's in this passage?
In another chapter the scriptures say," And the leaves will be used as medicine."
Wow, Hey! Herbal Medicine was created by God? Lisa

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